Facial Treatments

At springs, we recognise that you are 'the only one of you' therefore we believe that your facial treatments should reflect your needs and wants.

We understand that what little time you have to indulge yourself needs to be time well spent with a result to match.

Our range of facials looks extensive and can be somewhat confusing, so let us take the confusion away with a bespoke consultation and personalised treatment plan. We believe that we have within reach all that we need to accomplish your 'wish list'.

CACI Facial treatments


CACI [Non-Surgical Solutions] has been at the forefront of anti-ageing technologies. For over 2 decades, at Springs Health & Beauty we are proud to have been a part of CACI. Our therapists have worked with this amazing treatment since 1994 giving you have the most effective and long-lasting (Non-Surgical) treatment available.

We continually improve and replace our machines to offer you the most up to date, advanced treatments available and now offer 2 of the most effective CACI machines available;

CACI Synergy system offering the signature facial toning with skin rejuvenation benefits of the breakthrough S.P.E.D microcurrent LED technology which uses light therapy, ultrasonic peeling and orbital microdermabrasion for a brighter smoother complexion.

CACI’s unique wrinkle comb targets fine lines and wrinkles for a more youthful and toned appearance with glowing healthy skin.

  • CACI synergy facial Synergy - 60 Minutes
  • CACI Jowl lift synergy -30 Minutes
    Specifically developed to target muscle laxity around the jawline
  • CACI eye revive synergy - 30 Minutes
    Soothes tired and puffy eyes, combats dark circles, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and lifts hooded eyes.
  • CACI skin rejuvenation facial- 45 Minutes
    This facial treatment uses controlled orbital microdermabrasion to exfoliate and deeply cleanse the skin. The unique wrinkle comb will then target fine lines and wrinkles providing a non-invasive alternative to collagen injections, incorporating LED light therapy to heal and trigger tissue repair.
    The facial is completed with a Hydro mask the intensively hydrates and nourishes the skin
  • CACI synergy ECM leg and bum lift - 30 Minutes
    This targeted body treatment is a celebrity favourite and has been a favourite of our clients for many years. The treatment will firm and tone the buttock and thigh area, it will also sculpt and contour to give a firmer more defined appearance.

Safyre Facial Treatments

safyre logo


Safyre is a high-powered Radio Frequency system that when used with advanced techniques offers an array of aesthetically improving treatments. Surgery free facelifts, whole body reshaping, butt lifts, tummy tightening, arms, thighs - Safyre will remodel your whole face and body.

With no downtime or no obvious signs of treatments, Safyre is non-invasive and gives surgery-like results in a comfortable yet effective short treatment time.

  • Surgery Free Face Lift (30 Minutes)
  • Jaw & Neck Tightening (20 Minutes)
  • Décolletage tightening & lifting (20 Minutes)
  • Fat reduction, face sculpting (cheek & chin) (20 Minutes)
  • For more information and free consultation please contact the salon.



Mesoestetic Pharma Group is a pharmaceutical laboratory internationally recognized as one of the leaders in the field of dermatology and aesthetic medicine offering innovative and efficient solutions for skin treatment and care.



An immediate effect skin rejuvenation treatment. This is a course of 5 in salon treatments. Mesoeclat stimulates the dermis and provides the necessary elements for optimal nutrition and hydration, acting deeply and directly on the signs of fatigue and ageing from the very first session.


Mesoestetic world renowned facial that removes existing pigmentation fully and prevents reappearance together with the specic homecare regime hyperpigmentation is under control for a long- lasting outcome.

Global Eyecon

Specific professional treatment to fight the signs of ageing and fatigue in the eye contour area. Treats drooping eyelids, expression lines and wrinkles, under eye bags and under eye cirles. Includes homecare products.


Trichloroacetic acid is an exfoliant that acts of the skins proteins stimulating fibroblasts which are responsible for producing collagen which is vital
for building and repairing the structure of the skin. Suitable for skin showing 2nd and 3rd signs of ageing such as sun damage, medium depth wrinkles, age spots, acne scaring and blocked pores.


For all skin types, promotes and encourages new cell growth increasing levels of moisture in the skin, for clearer smoother more luminous skin.


For sensitive / dry / fine and dull skin types, suitable for even the most delicate areas such as neck and eye area to improve the signs of ageing.


For oily and acne prone skin, controls oil secretion, reduces pore size and evens skin tone.


For thick, oily and pigmented skin, normalises oil, reduces pore size and evens the skin tone.


Depigmenting effect, to treat hyperpigmentation and photoageing .


For all phases of acne, normalises the cell renewal process, regulating oil and calming the skin. It has an antibacterial effect, also addressing the pigmentation caused by acne.

Modified Jessner

Broad spectrum peel for all skin types, a combination of effective and powerful AHA’s and BHA’s to leave skin bright and smooth.

M-Pen Pro

Microneedling is a minimally invasive technique that creates thousands of tiny microcanals in the skin that allows the active substances to pass through the surface layers of the skin as they are applied during treatment. The substances reach the deepest layers of the skin where they will have their greatest effect. Stimulates fibroblasts, activating skin repair and regeneration, reduces expression lines and pore size, reduces the appears of scars and stretch marks, improves skin firmness. During hair loss treatments hair follicles are stimulated to achieve new growth.

Age Element Facial treatment

Personalised antiaging science. Advanced antiaging epigenetics. Mesoestetic have the first antiaging complex with proven epigenetic action. That combats the signs of ageing from its origin. Targets luminosity, firmness, loss of density and wrinkles.




Decléor has been designing and creating skincare since 1974 and has a rich professional heritage that focuses on the power of natural products to maximise your facial and body treatments and skincare

Our therapists are the heart of our salon and are here to provide you with the natural but powerful skincare along with their professional expertise to ensure you can truly achieve your ideal skin goals.

Decléor Aromatherapy Facial with Massage.

Stress simply melts away thanks to this deeply relaxing aromatherapy massage. Using a professional mask your therapist will select either the power- packed Aromaplasty mask which contains sunflower and wheatgerm or the soothing Harmonie calm mask for a moisturised, luminous skin. The skin will feel softly cocooned as is left deep cleansed, perfectly replenished and glowing with vitality. A facial suitable for all looking to target your skin priorities whilst brightening and rebalancing the skin.

Decléor Lifting Aromatherapy Facial with Massage.

This deeply relaxing, toning and firming aromatherapy face massage is ideal for those wanting to destress plus target the signs of ageing. A lifting and contouring professional mask will be applied to leave the face looking tightened, as if lifted. A facial ideal for those targeting the signs of ageing and the need to destress and bring a sense of well being.

Skin Workout.

A unique anti ageing targeted massage combining flow and rhythm focuses on the power of repetition for a true workout for the skin. Powerful key Aromessences and balms will be selected to give targeted results for skin that’s looks smoother, firmer, sculpted and luminous. A targeted anti-ageing “workout” facial which includes a toning and firming massage.


starting from just £70