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Eyebrow & Eyelash

Lashes and Brows naturally lighten from the sun, which means the ends of our brows are sometimes not as prominent as the inner corners, and the ends of the lashes not as dark as the root.

Even age can affect them. The older we get, the more our lashes and brows seem to fade away, so tinting is a great way to help make them look fuller and more pronounced

Tinting looks much more natural, also, more pronounced lashes and brows allow you to wear less makeup and help you look younger. Think about it—Cindy Crawford never seems to age, and part of it is thanks to her strong, full brows.

Microblading eyebrows

Semi-permanent or microblading eyebrows are an option for clients who may wish to repair, replace or add to an existing brow.  As a result of alopecia, vitiligo, baldness, age or illness we loose the hair from the brows which can be a huge loss of confidence for women and men.  Microblading offers the illusion of real hair without the harsh block look of the old style of tattoo.  Book a free consultation to discuss your individual needs.


Fed up of the cost and constant upkeep of lash extensions, are you left with thin, brittle or even shorter lashes than you had before, let us introduce you to lash lifts, you get the semi-permanent lift and curl of extensions whilst keeping your natural lashes damage-free.  The low maintenance alternative to lash extensions.

Hybrid Brows 

Elevate your brow game with our Hybrid Brows treatment, a cutting-edge solution for those seeking fuller, more defined eyebrows. This innovative technique stands apart with its use of a unique dye that ensures a darker, richer look compared to Henna Brows and HD Brows. It's perfect for anyone who loves a bold brow statement!

Our Hybrid Brows treatment is distinct from the HD brow treatment mainly in the tint used. This special tint stains the skin, subtly camouflaging gaps in your brows, giving you a fuller appearance. Unlike typical brow tints, Hybrid Brows appear more filled in, yet they offer a more natural look than ombre or fully shaded powder brows. This versatility makes it an ideal choice for everyone, regardless of your style preference or brow needs.

The treatment effectively fills gaps and defines shape, catching even the finest hairs for a natural yet full look. With a wide range of colour options available, we tailor the treatment to perfectly match your hair colour. Expect the skin stain to last for 2-3 weeks and the colour on the hair for up to 5 weeks, ensuring a long-lasting effect.

While Hybrid Brows are slightly more expensive than other methods, the investment is worthwhile. The unique combination of tint and hair strokes deliver incredibly natural-looking brows, making it a perfect choice for those looking to maintain their brow colour and shape over time.

Don't miss out on the chance to transform your brows into a work of art with our Hybrid Brows treatment. Book your appointment today and step into a world of enhanced beauty and confidence with brows that make a statement.