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Men and the salon

Men and grooming let’s talk about it.

There are two types of men. There are the guys who love going to the beauty salon and then they're the ones that wish a hole would open up in the floor and swallow them up when the subject arises.

It is a sentence that is often written off as two things that don’t go together, "Men and the Beauty Salon" but why?   Women’s use of beauty salons is commonplace and accepted and has now become a necessity rather than a luxury.  A salon is no longer a place to just have a quick mani / Pedi, it’s where we go for help and advice on everything for face and body. 

Advances in technology mean that your local salon can offer everything from Hair removal to mole and skin tag removal.  Massage to non-surgical alternatives to liposuction and skin tightening, relaxing facials to complete depigmenting solutions.  So why are more men not taking advantage of the salon and the highly-trained teams that work there?

There are two main reasons why more men don't visit beauty salons. First of all, they fear being judged. Secondly, many men believe that the beauty industry is for women only.  When asked what I do, the general response from men is that the salon and spa is a place for women “with too much time and money on their hands and the idea of paying someone to rub cream into their face does seem a little …..well, ridiculous. “  
It appears that the time has arrived to educate men on the benefits of the beauty salon, just one tip guys - try to rethink your prejudice against beauty salons and your use of them.

We often hear how most men would rather have a root canal than visit a beauty salon or skin clinic.
Male skincare sales are booming although we have a pretty good idea of who is doing the buying., the high-end menswear retailer, reported a 300% growth in men’s beauty and grooming products within 2 years of adding this to their site.
In 2019, a report by Statista found that the UK male beauty and personal care industry was valued at a whopping 16 billion euros, you are spending almost the same as us girls.   A report by CNBC showed that male-targeted skin-care product sales have jumped 7% in the past year.  Men spend hundreds if not thousands of pounds each on products to treat their hair, skin, nails, beards and bodies.  They are using products; however, if purchased by themselves they are often picked up from the local chemist, supermarket or via online shopping. 

Why should I visit a salon?

It’s the 21st century, most men take care of their hair, skin and teeth with the best techniques, products and treatments.  They pay greater attention to their looks and appearance when it comes to business meetings, social events and dates.  More than just shaving or trimming a beard, todays men are going the extra mile for a more groomed look. 

One reason for visiting your salon that I would stress is please don’t try something yourself at home that could cause harm or make your family laugh uncontrollably.  I have been a beauty therapist for 35 years and in that time, I have seen some home treatments that have made me laugh out loud (the golfer who used his wife’s ‘moisturiser’ thinking it was sun protection and found that as he attempted 18 holes as the day went on he went from white to Jaffa orange much to his team mate’s amusement) furious, he came straight to us to try to remove it.  Some have been just horrible, the groom who convinced his teenage sister to wax his back and chest 2 days before the big day.  He then spent the entire wedding trying to not let his clothes touch his burned and blistered skin and infected hair follicles.  The poor guy was in so much pain that he finally relented and went to the hospital not a great start to the honeymoon. 

Today, it’s no secret that facial treatments can be beneficial to the appearance and health of a man’s skin. Men are becoming more conscious about their looks and the way they appear in general. This is not surprising because men want to feel their best at all times.  A well-groomed face enhances your confidence the same way as a toned and healthy body.

Every day many men need to do different activities during their job, but they aren’t getting rid of all the dirt and bad bacteria that builds up, especially for men with beards, who are more prone to skin issues.   If you have a dense heavy beard, unless looked after properly this can make the skin itchy and can also cause beard dandruff.

All men should learn the benefits that regular treatments can offer not only from a health and hygiene point of view but also for mental health and wellbeing.

As with women, men have different skin types and require tailored solutions – from face wash to moisturiser – but most importantly the right approach and attitude toward their own grooming.  A good therapist can slow or reverse the signs of ageing that will prevent the unnecessary trip for more invasive cosmetic surgery.

How is it then that the UK male beauty market is falling behind the rest of the world when it comes to self-care?

Finding a relaxed friendly beauty salon catering to men can be a real problem, they can feel judged and insecure around women and have that fear of the unknown.  This is a natural response and is only because they’re not accustomed to going there and are often embarrassed to ask questions.  The highest concentration of male clientele within salons is in the North West of England a place not normally associated with male grooming.  Relatability is an important factor, men look to the likes of David Beckham as inspiration for grooming.

Men don’t do their homework; our therapists are here to do that for you.  Why not start with a telephone call, and ask to speak with a therapist, if one isn’t available then have a therapist return your call at a time suitable for you. 

Still a little unsure, then contact the salon through the website contact page, give a description of what concerns you and ask for a consultation.  This is a complimentary service offered by our team, to make sure you are booking the right treatment.  We have found that men are wasting huge sums of money on expensive treatments, which they hate because their girlfriends or wives have made the appointment for them.  This is not only a complete waste of time and energy but also a point of conflict between the couple.

I’m sure that you guys are just as awkward and baffled as us women when we visit for the first time so why shouldn’t you give it a try?  Looking your best shouldn’t be an uncomfortable experience.  Men care about how they look just as much as women do, and many would love to be able to treat themselves, they just don’t think that they should.

So, what’s stopping you?
There’s a whole world of treatments out there that men are missing out on.  They are often left on the sidelines when it comes to taking care of themselves.  But why? 
Perceptions are changing and with more celebrities getting in on the act, we’re finding more men are wanting to look after themselves.   At Springs we know a few things that have helped to make your partners look their best –let us help you too.

Call the salon and speak to a therapist who will guide you on your journey